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Corsair Void CUE - Creative Alchemy EAX compability issue?


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Hi guys.


Im using the Void now for 3 months, its amazing!

In fact I dont really have any problems and love the Sound experience.


Exept one...

When I install my Corsair Void Headset Driver and Plug it in, my native Creative Soundblaster Driver disabled itself, says, the current selected audio device is not supported... Grrr. The only way to fix this is to completely uninstall the headset but not even sure if this fixes the main problem. Its fine for me that my native sounddriver disables itself. As far as I understood the Void has an own Sound processor and driver anyway which means that it doesnt need it to work properly.


The main problem is that I cant open Creative Alchemy. Its a program which emulates EAX support for quite some games of the older generation. EAX doesnt work anymore as it once did on Windows Vista and higher. Alchemy is a workaround for this. I have a Creative Soundchip with full EAX Advanced HD etc support. But sometimes it fails and is unusable due to the Corsair Audio Device taking over. For some odd reason 75% of the EAX supported games, still can enable it, even with the Corsair Driver. Might be that the Soundchip driver is enough or it uses OpenAL as workaround. But for example a game called F.E.A.R. needs Creative Alchemy to use EAX. Since I cant use Alchemy with the Corsair Void its unusable for me.


I doubt that there is a fix but does anybody know what might fix the issue? Beside of no longer using the Void... This issue alone is no reason for me to leave the Void. Its amazing!


Maybe the developers can implement some workaround? Driver update or whatever? Or is there a fix? I notice quite a high amount of updates still, which are amazing! Maybe a fix or workaround for this issue too? Please!

Thanks for every help.

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