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Double Shot Key Caps

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Which color keycaps and Material do you prefer?  

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  1. 1. Which color keycaps and Material do you prefer?

    • Black Keycaps + ABS
    • Black Keycaps + PBT
    • White keycaps + ABS
    • White keycaps + PBT
    • numbers + Legends side by side ( better lighting)
    • Single Thickness
    • Double thickness

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If we had the Double Shot keycaps available at the original launch date for the K95 Platinum, that might have made a lot of sense, but we do have them now though. We aren't able to upgrade to the Double Shots, but if you submit a ticket, we can replace the damaged keycaps with new ones.


Too late I already ordered the double shot keys. lol Its worth it...:cool:

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I bit the bullet on these and bought a set from OCUK just in case they became unavailable later, and SO glad I did, I knew they'd feel better as I've had PBT on a previous keyboard (some caps mismatched) but my word these feel fantastic, I have 1.5mm o rings on them and the weight and general feel is just great, and they're making less noise than the original set.


The only down sides at all are no PBT FPS key kap set for WASD, I'd become fond of those raised outer edge keys, but I'll adjust back to comparatively flat keys again, and some keys are noticeably a bit dimmer but everything is still very easy to read.


Thank you SO much for doing this Corsair, I hope for everyone else's benefit that you consider having these as default options on some of your mechanical keyboards.



Advice for anyone with a Strafe RGB, for some reason my spacebar pins were glued, so be very careful removing your space bar, I had to raise it up carefully and then use a craft knife to gently press in between the post and the base of the key and lever it up slightly moving around the seam, the glue cracked leaving no damage to the pins or posts.

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The smudges you mentioned are likely caused by the oil from your skin and should clean right off. You'll see this on any keycaps stock or aftermarket.


Obviously the keys were like that as came out of box, and were cleaned before taking photos...

They look like the keys have been "heated" too much. The photo exalt the effect.

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Thanks, but I will not submit any ticket, as for Italy shipping in EU is really expensive (I shipped back a dvd box to Amazon UK today, it costed 20€ for standard shipping), I can live with the issues.

I'm just saying that a keycaps set with the price of a cheap mechanical keyboard should have better quality control. I've always been and I'll always be a Corsair fan.

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Just received a set of Corsair black double shot keycaps from Amazon. I haven't installed them yet but overall quality seems good. Mine don't have the smudges that an earlier poster said his have, but, like his, my "PGD" key has a small misalignment in the letters, the "G" is a tiny bit lower. But honestly, if I wasn't looking for the "PGD" error I probably wouldn't have noticed, it's very small.


I'm just glad that Corsair went to the trouble of offering these to its customers. I was going to buy a backup set of standard keys from Corsair for my K70 anyway, so to me the extra $20 was worth it. I've been in the IT field since the early 1980's and I have to admit that I love these corsair keyboards and plan on using no others so these double shots were a no-brainer. Ability to use on most Corsair keyboards plus most keyboards with cherry MX switches, {warning, some keyboards have a different size bottom row than Corsair keyboards}, is a big plus.


Will update when I get around to installing them.

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I got my 2nd set of keycaps for my home keyboard, and did notice something similar to the smuge mentioned earlier. However, it was only on 2 keys, and a quick buff with a cloth took it off. Must be some manufacturing residue in my case, as it cleaned off with a little effort.


Neither set appears to have any alignment issues, even when looking for them. Maybe I am not as observant, or the issue is not widespread? I'm happy with my 2 sets, at least!

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Obviously the keys were like that as came out of box, and were cleaned before taking photos...

They look like the keys have been "heated" too much. The photo exalt the effect.


Yeah, same for me with 4 keys or so. It did not wipe off with normal cleaning products. On the other hand, I likely will never notice it again since this doesn't sit in the sunlight.


I am not sure how I feel about them yet. I was expecting the LEDs to be dimmer, but the effect on white is pretty drastic. Most of my preferred profiles are based on that color. This may not be a pleasing upgrade for a lot of people when cost is factored in.

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I decided to ask for replacement as I bought from Amazon. The second keycaps set is even worse, with the E and R keys clearly deformed. It seems that these 2 letters are the most defective.

Now, I'm unsure if ask for another replacement...



I still haven't installed mine yet but I took a look at them and the E and R keys in my set are perfect. I can see your predicament with the cost of returning an item from where you live. If you do decide to return them one way to go would be to buy another set and swap out any bad keys, keep the good set and return the bad.

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why don't these come default with Corsair's keyboards? considering that other high end manufacturers (Ducky, Coolermaster, Vortex, to name a few) include PBT keycaps for the same price point as Corsair's main line, this seems like a corner-cutting choice.


It's not just a straight upgrade. There are some trade-offs and they might not be for everyone. One of the key differences is the amount of light that comes through. While I enjoy the white on my standard keys, it is far less satisfying with the PBT double shot. The colors are muted to some degree and that is a tough addition to a RGB keyboard with a strong emphasis on appearance.

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Sorry to necro post –


But I picked up a set of the Corsair PBT Double-Shot Keycaps (Black) for my K95 RGB Platinum Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. I’m very glad I did. The feel of the PBT keycaps is amazing, and the quality is top notch. They have enhanced my typing experience.



However, I would like to suggest a couple of things for future iterations of the set:


Firstly; there is an error in the guide-booklet that came with the set. The keycap to the immediate left of the “1” key needs to be substituted for the alternative one on the UK layout (it’s not highlighted in the guide as one that needs to be substituted).


Secondly; I would love to see an alternative space bar in the set – one that doesn’t have the heavy surface texture, but more like the texture on the rest of the keys.


Thirdly: the text on the EU/UK “Enter” key needs to be moved to the middle of the key or replaced with the “return” symbol (again in the middle of the key) so that it can take advantage of where the LED light is and actually light up the text.


Lastly; given this is a Corsair made set I would have loved to see it include replacement “G”/Macro keys as well – or even just half a dozen blank keys with squares to allow RGB light to get through.



If those revisions were made, I would be more than happy to pick up another set!


I am very pleased with this set – and I fully understand why these are not included as standard keycaps. There is a trade off in terms of RGB lighting intensity – but for this avid typist (and part time gamer) it is well worth it.

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Just finally installed the set I got from Newegg a month or two ago. The lighting is terrible with a Strafe MK2. Most of the keys are only half lit as if the shine through section is thicker on half the key or something. They also aren't nearly as bright as the stock keys. Frankly if I got to these within the return window I would have swapped back to the stock keys and sent these things back.


Worth the $50 Corsair wants for them=NOPE

Worth the $25 I paid Newegg for them=Not really

Should I have purchase the pudding HyperX caps for $20 or some China knock offs and dealt with a funky bottom row=Yea probably as I honestly wouldn't feel so robbed right now.


Maybe I just got some old stock from original batches who knows but they sure aren't what I expected other then the feel. The non uniform shine through of the RGB is just terrible!





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