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Corsair H1500 stopped working


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Hi, my headset Corsair H1500 was working completely fine, until this morning I woke up, it was plugged for charging. Then I noticed that there's not the green light saying that it's fully charged. All I can see is the orange light popping sometimes saying it's charging! Then I tried to turn it on, plugged or unplugged and I hear a sound but it won't turn on, no blue light. Everything is fine, driver, detection... but it won't work....


Sorry for my english I hope you understand.


I have no idea what to do.....

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Could be a faulty headset.

Have you tried a different USB port and microUSB cable?


You may want to put in a support ticket and attach a picture of your invoice as proof of purchase (Two year warranty).


Note: The H1500 is a wired headeet. The H2100 are the wireless ones.

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