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K70 RGB, Scimitar, CUE issues


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So I have had a K70 RGB for about 9 months or so and recently I have noticed my "e" key outputting multiple "e"s at random times. This is very frustrating and I'm looking for options on how to fix this without RMA or opening my keyboard.


My scimitar randomly delights. I open the CUE software and select my mouse and the lights come back on. This is also very frustrating as it happens multiple times a day.


The CUE software in general has been very aggravating. I will start my PC up and what CUE does is completely random. Sometimes it works fine but most of the time I have one of the following issues. CUE loads but it does not detect any/all of my devices. When this happens one of the following must be done to resolve the issue. I have to quit the CUE and manually open it which sometimes works. Other times I have to restart my PC all together sometimes more than once.


Firmware and CUE are up to date have also uninstalled and reinstalled CUE with the same results.


While I love the hardware I'm debating if it is worth the headache.

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