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Tenkeyless Strafe RGB Silent?


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I really like the Strafe RGB Silent but I'm wondering if there is a tenkeyless option planned? The K65 RGB also looks nice, but I've heard that the new LED controller of the Strafe is a lot better and the white back plate sure looks nice too.


So I'd like to ask if someone from Corsair could give us a hint whether a tenkeyless option of the Strafe RGB with MX Silent is planned for this year.



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There are no news in any of the directions you asked for right now.


We might see some new products announced at PAX (22-24 April) or Computex (31 May - 4 June), but both events are still a few months away at this point. If you are not in a hurry I would wait for those I guess.


There are also some more events listed on the main Corsair site near the bottom, have a look there. But the 2 events I listed seem like the most likely to have new products announced. After that there would be also the E3 event (14-16 June).


We make big announcements during events like Terabyte mentioned. Another good way to keep up is to sign up for the newsletter on our website.


They wont say, youll just have to wait. ;):

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