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Hi there,


So will the new Strafe with Silent MX be getting 18G keys like the K95 or will the Corsair K95 with 18G keys be getting silent MX switches?


Or is are there any rumours or confirmations as to a new keyboard with a combination of both?


I like the Strafe a lot and would like to purchase it, but the K95 is just more appealing to my needs right now because of all those keys.:biggrin:



Do you guys think I should just bite the bullet and go for the Strafe, wait for a possible announcement on the Silent MX for the K95?


I am new here, approximately what month does Corsair usually announce new things? I usually hear about things either in the beginning of the year i.e. January or close to the end i.e. September / October-ish...:confused:


I have seen many official Corsair employees comment on these forums hence the forum post. I searched a similar topic and found nothing so I am making this post.


I hope to hear the input of my fellow Corsairs !:D:

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There are no news in any of the directions you asked for right now.


We might see some new products announced at PAX (22-24 April) or Computex (31 May - 4 June), but both events are still a few months away at this point. If you are not in a hurry I would wait for those I guess.


There are also some more events listed on the main Corsair site near the bottom, have a look there. But the 2 events I listed seem like the most likely to have new products announced. After that there would be also the E3 event (14-16 June).

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