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Corsair H1500 - Sound Cutting Out


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I got this headset after my old Vengeance 1500 was RMA'd. It worked fine for a while, I've had it about a month, until I installed Corsair's software so I could use the 7.1 Surround Sound. After a few days, this caused my microphone input to cut out. It would work fine for around 15 minutes, then the mic would cut out and sound would still play. Unplugging the cable and plugging it back in fixed it immediately, for another 15 minutes.


To fix this I uninstalled the Corsair software. Now the audio output cuts out every 15 minutes or so, and unplugging and plugging the cable fixes it for a short time. When it's broken, web based media (such as YouTube or Netflix) gives an error like "this file cannot be played" or "an unexpected error occurred" which goes away once the page has been refreshed and the cable has been unplugged and plugged back in.


I am certain this is just a software issue, how would I go about fixing it? I am running Windows 10.


Thanks for your help.

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Have you tried a different USB port?

Is Windows, drivers for your devices, etc all up to date?

Have you tried disabling any USB power saving features in the BIOS and Windows?


I've tried different USB ports, no help.

What devices are you referring to? Other peripherals? My Windows is up to date along with my GPU drivers. Do I need to update the Corsair ones? Does that mean installing the Corsair software from here: http://www.corsair.com/en-au/corsair-gaming-h1500-dolby-7-1-gaming-headset again?


I have just turned off all power saving for my USB ports in device manager. I'll let you know if this helps. Thank you for your response.

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Hi, I bought this headset 3 Days ago and im getting the exact same problem it will be fine then all of a sudden it will cut out for like 3 seconds then back on. If you find the solution please let me know as i want to sort it ASAP i love the quality of this headset despite this Problem


Cheers Chris

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