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Rainbow effect for specific keys?

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Is it possible to create an effect where only specific keys are rainbow? Like for spiral rainbow or rainbow wave it takes up the whole keyboard. Is there a way to edit it so that only specific keys are being effected by that effect and the rest is a set color? EX: I want to make my 'wasd' keys rainbow and the rest cyan.
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Yes, you can do that. You have to use the advanced lighting options and set apply the lighting effects directly to the keys. Here is a step-by-step.


  1. Create a New Profile
  2. In the Lighting Tab, make sure you are in Advanced Settings (button in bottom right)
  3. Right click keys you wish to make custom effects for
  4. Click on "Assign new lighting"
  5. Use the Foreground Lighting Editor to make an effect


Alternatively, if you already have a rainbow effect saved, you can drag and drop the effect onto the desired keys.


  1. Using the Advanced Settings under the Lighting Tab, click on "Lighting Effects List"
  2. Search for the effect you want to apply
  3. Drag the effect over the desired keys


I have a rainbow gradient premade that works very well I've uploaded to this post. You, as well as others, are more than welcome to use it :P


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