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Changing stock fans of Corsair H110i GTX


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Hello, I ordered Corsair H110i GTX Hydro and I wanna change the stock fans because some people say that they make too much noise on full load. So, I was thinking to replace the fans with the Quiet Edition fans of Corsair, but I dont know which size to get.

It would be awesome if someone could tell me which size and which model number would fit the H110i GTX.


I mainly play games @ Full Graphics and I will be overclocking my CPU.


My Specs are -

Core i7 6700 K

Asus Maximus VIII Extreme

16 GB DDR 4 G.Skill Ripjaws V

Zotac 980 Ti AMP Extreme

Antec 1300 W Platinum

512 GB Samsung 850 Pro

2 TB WD Black

Cooler Master Cosmos 2 Ultra

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They make normal sound,i cant say its exagerated compared to other fans.And 99% of the time they dont run 100%.I heard mine running at 100% only at the startup of the corsair link test.I think they run at 100% only in tests or if you set them to 100%,couse mine even when i play games stay at max 50%,maybe even lower.You will be satisfied with the standard fans.If not you can change them anytime with 2 other 140 mm fans.
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It will do a 100% fan test on start-up. Other than that, you should never need 100% fan speed, even when running a stress test program. On my older H110 I am able to keep a highly overclocked 5820k in check with normal fan speeds in the 500-700 range. If you have long process runs or encoding or something similar where you will have a sustained 100% CPU load for some duration, then that may change the situation a little.


There is no reason not to start with the included fans and see how it goes. If you want to replace them, you will need 140mm 4 pin PWM fans to run through the pump block and utilize the LINK system. Corsair does make any other fans that fit this criteria and you will need to look elsewhere. It is a pretty small group to choose from. You can run 3 pin DC fans on the radiator, but you would need to power them from the motherboard headers and that would eliminate LINK's role in controlling the fans.

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