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Silent RGB Key Cap Replacement Order Help!


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Hello can anyone from Corsair help me, I just bought the Silent MX Strafe RGB a few weeks ago and am loving it. Although I had to replace the keyboard 3 times due to cracks and some keys malfunctioning, I think I got the perfect copy this time. My favorite feature of the keyboard are the curved key caps that come with it, WASD QWERF, etc. but I am looking to get a set for 1-2-3-4-5. I saw only the K70 had these and was interested in purchasing the set on your website for $15, but I saw there was a replacement set for the K60 for $9.99. There is no description or information for this, will these keys fit on my Strafe and do these include the ENTIRE keyboard set of 37+ keycaps?


Also, is there a way I can custom order the 1-2-3-4-5? I do not want to order the $15 pack because I don't need the WASD, wrist rest, and key puller since the Strafe already comes with all these. I am just looking to get a custom set of 12345 caps since I do like the feel of these rubber gripped keys. Thank you and please give me a solution thank you :)



P.S- What is the best way to clean this keyboard? I don't want to pull out all the keys unless it gets really filthy but I imagine dust particles will get inside and under the key caps. Do I just use an air duster?

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