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Error on with firmware update - Vengeance M65


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Hey, decided to register on the forum because I have a problem with updating the firmware on my Vengeance M65 mouse. Apparently there has been some issues with mouse lag and this was fixed in FW 2.26.


Here's what happens:

- Launching the M65 firmware update

- Mode is "Hardware playback", not sure what that means?

- I click Update Firmware.

- Mode changes to "No device or reset" and message "Set firmware update mode!"

- LEDs start blinking.

- Then "Set firmware update mode failed!"

- LEDs still blink, mouse is responding but just falls back to being a standard mouse (no sniper, no DPI).


I can unplug the mouse and start again but the same thing happens.


This is on Windows 10 x64. From what I can tell from the FW upgrade app the current FW is 2.16 and the latest I want to install is 2.26 downloaded from the site, with SW 1.3.


I have searched around and not really found any solution, some of the threads say you have to plug the mouse into a USB2 port and disable some power saving options but it doesn't seem to be for my problem and don't change a thing.


Any help? Should I open a support case for stuff like this?

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Yeah, I already found that thread and tried what it suggested, but it wasn't exactly the same problem as mine.


I guess I will have to contact support, but not sure if I still have warranty... tonight I will try from another PC I have as well, if I can just get it updated.


EDIT: Fixed by connecting to a laptop running Win7 and doing the firmware update there :)

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