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air 540 and res/pump placement


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hi all


hello, glad i found this forum.


i have finally got my air 540 out of the box and wll be putting a watercooled loop from my old CM 690III into it. i am only cooling the CPU at this time, in the future i may add a GPU but i'm not overly fussed about doing it.


anyway, i upgraded my ump and res to a nice XSPC proton dc5 170 res/pump combo. i have a 240 mm rad which i will probably stick at the top of the case. the 2 x corsair af140 fans in the front i will take out.


would there be room there to mount the res/pump vertically so i have nice clan loop? i intend to add a draining port so i would run tubing through the back compartment and through a gromit to the pum at the base, sticking the t bar on one of those tubes.


is that a sensible and workable idea?


i wil be using the 2 hotswap bays for 2 x 3.5 inch discs. n the future, i may swap for SSHD drives to go out the back. my other m.2 drives are on the mobo.

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Hi,i looked into my pc and it will be a hard fit to mount in the front where the 2 fans are,depends on what video card you have.Mine is a 32 cm video card and i have like 3 cm left space in the front,between the video card and my front fans.Your reservoir has 7 cm width.You could mount it under the exthaust fan in the back vertically.Its a nice spot for it and i think it would fit or next to the motherboard on the right side where are the cable holes that go to the back in the upper corner so it will face the transparent panel of the case.
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I have the same res/pump combo and case as you. I installed mine in the rear of the case above the PSU. I simply bolted it to the rear grille of the case. I put a water-absorbing pad on top of the PSU in case the pump/reservoir were to develop a slow leak.


If you decide to go with a rear mount and are using flexible tubing, I recommend you buy some anti-kink coil. I needed to use some so my tubing wouldn't kink/pinch.


Like you, I installed a drain line on the extra pump port. I purchased a pair of Koolance QD3 quick-disconnect couplings. My drain line has one of the connectors on it, and I put the other on a spare bit of tubing.

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