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some keys showing wrong colors


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I bought a K70 RGB on Black Friday a few months back. The last few days though some keys have not been showing the correct colors. There are 18 so far. Its strange though, the color they display *changes* when I adjust the brightness. So if my whole keyboard is set to the default bright red (HTML #ff0000) my R key shows as a yellow/green when the brightness is set to 33% but it goes orange at 66% and an almost right orange/red at 100%. The other problem keys keys show similar behavior. When its a lavender color (#ff55ff) Everything looks right at 100% but the problem keys look a paler color at 66% and a light blue at 33%. If I set the keys to white they look fine at any brightness. Some colors look right and some don't.


The keys that are giving me problems are F4, 4, R, F, C (which are all in a row), F8, 8, I, K, M (almost in a row), Right Windows Key, Pipe\Backslash, Home, Page Down, Up Arrow, Numpad 5, Numpad *, and the Next media key. They all work as expected when pressed. Any ideas?

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