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First of all, I would like to thank all Corsair team about having developed the case I dreamed of. It is the premium product I looked for during years.


There are some points which need some improvements and maybe some people here know some tips they would share to the community ! ;c)


I love this case but here are my problems.

First, I have the upper element on the front side. First, I have two weird bumps on it. What do you think about it ?




By the way, in its original state, the moving panel of this element rubbed on the lower element during its motion. I had to slightly unscrew it, put it upper of around 0.5mm.


At last, large side panel are quite difficult to use. In one case, they are difficult to remove (right hand side on my photograph) but perfectly locked, or they are easy to remove but present a clearance (left hand side on the photograph) but still locked.

The clearance is obvious when you do a litttle pressure on the door, the door being in contact with the chassis, like the right door is.

@ Corsair team : what is your opinion ?




In case of opening problem, my tip consists in putting the nails just below the door, raising it sligthlty and the opening is correct.

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