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Can't get side-buttons mapped right with the new Scimitar mouse


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Ok, so I was super excited to try out this new Scimitar mouse. I had a Naga2014 previously and I liked it, but thought I'd give the Scimitar a try. What I NEED to be able to do is map the side buttons on the mouse to things like "Ctrl + 1", "ctrl+2". I've been able to do that with the "macros" function. but here's the issue.


If I'm in WoW, for example, I like to have all 12 keys mapped to ctrl+1 - 9, 0, - and + (for a total of 12)


I also like to be able to (in game), hold SHIFT and then press one of my mouse buttons, and have it act like SHIFT + CTRL + 1, for example. My problem is this... the macro method seems to work for the regular ctrl+whatever, but the second I try to use a shift+ that button in game, no luck.


With the Naga2014 it was amazingly simple -- I could just tell it to make that button send ctrl+1 or whichever key, and it worked. No macros, recording, etc.


Is this just not a feature that the corsair software offers? Or am I doing something wrong?

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