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Corsair Survivor Stealth v2


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I just bought a Corsair Survivor Stealth v2 32GB and as i was messing around with my PC at the time I installed a bootable memtest onto it.


When trying to select boot device from the boot menu the system detected a UEFI USB key (the survivor but it wasnt UEFI bootable) however I couldn't for the life of me spot the key...


Other USB sticks work normally such as a voyager mini but the corsair wouldnt show up in the boot menu for non-UEFI boot...it worked fine in windows...


So I check again and see when editing the boot devices it's listed under USB floppy...


Why on earth would it detect it as a USB key UEFI but a USB floppy for non-UEFI? :)


I usually remove all boot meny entries bar UEFI HDD, ODD, USB key and non-uefi of the same so kept me scratching my head as to why it wouldnt detect this...


Is there any reason why it thinks it's a USB floppy?


Thanks :)

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