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H60 light purple


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Yeah the corsair logo is illuminated and the weird thing is, when i play total war attila, its turns white again after some time like it would change if the cpu is more busy.

And i installed link but i cant change any colours there or actually anything - it shows me the stats but does not rly respond to changes.

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Not to sure about this. The H60 isn't a i cooler so it won't work in the LINK software.


Can you take a picture of the cooler? Can you also check the sides of the block for any kind of header that looks like a mini USB B one?



It may be best to contact Corsair by submitting a ticket and see what they say. It's probably a faulty LED if it changes back to white after some time.


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H60 does not have an LED on the block. If its a single 120 rad, then it must be an H80i.


The ports on top are for the fans. You will need to use the USB port or Link port on the left to change the pump's LED color via Corsair link. If you don't have the pump connected to your MB's USB header/port, Corsair Link will not see your cooler.



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