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AX860i new build, fails to boot pc


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I just build my new skylake gaming rig, however it does not seem to boot. I do hear a click sound from my PSU.


- the selftest is green

- the moment I plug in the 24-pin, it stops working (hearing a click)

- only if a sata (6-pin) power is plugged-in (nothing else, no 24- of 8 pins) it works

- if any 8 of 24 pin is connected it stops (after a click) instantly


Any suggestions? I am running out of ideas. Is the PSU dead on arrival?




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The only way to be sure is to have a KWP (known working part) another power supply, if it boots then you have your answer. I've built one Z170 build and I can tell you that they are a handful until you get everything loaded and BIOS updated. Hardest build I've ever done. But, the computer shutdown with the AXi series of power supplies is, by now, a known problem I would believe and I'd be surprised if Corsair would let this go on for long without some kind of fix. Even if it was just a bypass of the digital controls all together. I'm subscribing to your post because I just purchased this morning an AX1200i and I have my fingers crossed that I don't have this problem. But I can tell ya now that the z170 boards are power finicky, maybe because of the DDR4 memory. But the problem you're having is prevalent on DDR3 boards also.
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