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Need Help With CPU Overclocking Cooling

The Doppelgamer

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Hello everyone! I'll try to provide as much information about my issue as I can while keeping it as short as possible to not make a wall of text :P


I'm using the AMD-FX-6300 Six-Core Processor and I'm having an incredibly hard time trying to figure out the best "bang for your buck" cooler to use to keep my CPU safely cooled while auto-overclocking it with my MSI 970 Gaming Motherboard's "OC Genie" feature.


First of all let me start by saying that I'm trying to stay under $75 if possible. I just bought Corsair's Hydro-Series H60 from newegg.com for $60 and it has not arrived yet. I'm having second thoughts weather it will suffice for keeping my CPU cooled while overclocking, and once it arrives I can't open it and test it because if I decide to take it back they'll charge me a $15 restocking fee if it was opened. So I need to figure out if I should return it, and if so, then what should I get to replace it? Perhaps a refurbished H105 for $75?


I'm using Thermaltake's MK-1 comptuer case, the rear exhaust can only hold a single 140mm or 120mm so unfortunately I can't mount a double wide radiator there. the top exhaust should be able to mount a double wide radiator, but I think I'll have to remove both of my 200mm fans and I'd rather not do that if possible.


I can't for the life of me figure out how powerful of a cooling system I will need and I'm really hoping someone can help me.

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I don´t have any experiance with FX CPU´s but others OC those with air coolers (like CM 212 EVO+) without problem, so the H60 should be ok. Below a link to FX6300 running on 4,5 GHz with H60.




When You will build the cooler into the case just be sure to set Your case fans to provide enough fresh air also into the case (a slight positive air pressure would be nice).





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