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H100i Not Cooling Properly


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Hi everyone, i'm new here. And I'm having trouble with my Corsair H100i. I've had it for around 1 year and 2 months, and I'm now having issues with it. When I first got it, I idled around temps of 90F with my AMD 965 Quad Core (3.4 to 4Ghz OC). Around 2 weeks ago, I noticed Fallout 4 stuttering when it wasn't before, and CPU use wasn't even at 100%.


So I check my temps, and what do you know. My CPU is nearly on fire at 193F. My idle temps are currenty 192F. I have downclocked my CPU from 4Ghz, to stock, to 2.1, to 700Mhz. Ridiculous, I know. At first this worked to reach better idle temps, but it's back up to 192F.


When I noticed my temps were high, the next day I removed the H100i completely, took it outside, and blew it off with compressed air (It wasn't even that dusty). Took off my old thermal paste from the block and CPU, reapplied a fresh layer, and installed the H100i again. I was then around idle temps of 120F at stock clocks.


Corsair link reports the pump is working at a solid 2278 RPM /w a divider of two. My fans are all working correctly and virtually equally. The outward flow of the tubes is hot, and the inward flow is much much cooler. I'm quite certain the block is installed correctly. The block is currently at 182.8F, and the CPU is at 192.2F, so I assume the heat transfer is working fine. Running the fans at 100% rather than normal has zero effect. Could anyone help me out?




I've installed the stock air cooler, and I'm now idling at temps of 129F average @ 4Ghz OC, with the notable sound of a mini jet engine and crickets. I may need some liquid nitrogen. This is one old angry CPU.

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It sounds like there is some sort of blockage in the water system. Steady high CPU and water temperatures typically indicate some sort of flow problem --- either a failed pump or some other sort of restriction. 83C/182F is an astronomically high water temperature and even if the pump is spinning, the water isn't going anywhere.


There is nothing you can do to address this other than disassemble the unit and that is a job for someone else. You are going to need a replacement. Start the RMA though the Corsair portal. You will be required to pay shipping to nearest facility and that is a moderate expense for most. You may wish to compare that to a new or different unit, if you are looking for a change.

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