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Hi everyone i am new here but looks like a great forum and reckon i will have a good look about, a lot of good information!

Anyway i love Corsair products and have bought many over the years and am running a few quids worth on this current rig i am running, but need a couple of replacement screws!! and really hope someone can help me or at the very least direct me in the right direction??


One of the many Corsair parts i have is the

Corsair Airflow Pro with the LED's that fits over my Corsair airflow dual fan kit that fits over my Corsair Dominator ddr3 1600mhz memory, however i seems to have lost somehow the 2 thumb screws and spacers that attach it to the top of the fans at one side?


So filed with hope i am praying that someone can direct me as to where to get them so i can re-fit the kit to my current set up??


spec list of current rig is


WINDOWS 7 64 bit, with avast antivirus.

Cooler Master storm enforcer case

Asus crosshair III Formula ROG board

AMD Phenom II X6 1055T 2.8 GHz Six Core 125W

Gelid solutions extreme GC thermal paste.

8GB ddr3 corsair dominator 1600mhz 4 sticks of 2gb

powercolour HD7870 Myst edition

Corsair CX750 psu

Corsair H55 water cooling kit

LG HD Blu-ray drive

240gb Sandisk solid state drive

500gb samsung sata 3 hard drive


200mm cooler master fan front intake

H55 water cooler rear intake

2x 120 mm corsair AF ultra quiet fans top exhausting out

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does anyone know either where i might get the 2 i need? was hoping Corsair would help tbh but theres nothing on their site with regards to this component and parts and sent them an message anyway with no reply.

at the very least if someone either knew the exact thread and sizes of them etc from their own it might be possible to try and locate replacements that are random from anywhere dont know where though? but would rather the correct screws but will accept anything that will allow me to fit it tbh?

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Hi and thanks for replying and yes the ones on the right look like the correct ones and the ones on the left look like the ones that attach the metal brackets either side to the airflow fans, theres meant to be 2 small spacers that go with the larger screws that fit in between the fans and that airflow pro that these longer screws in to the spacer screws which i dont have either, however if i had longer screws that fitted the size and thread i could make spacers up myself from something i reckon.



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I just tried to message you and states you either don't receive messages or access has been denied or something?


any other way I get talk to you lol? I am sitting online all day today as am having a few issues with a new build am trying to iron out with bsod

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Well i would just like to say a MASSIVE thank you to RED-RAY for sorting me out with the screws that i so desperately needed for my Corsair Airflow Pro kit and was starting to think i was never going to find them!!


great forum and great guy!


thanks Grant

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