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Scimitar Problems


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Ok so i bought this mouse and i gave my M65 RGB to my partner as i am a mmo player so i needed the buttons on the Scimitar..


Now i have nothing but trouble with this mouse to the point were i am closing to going to another mouse. I love the mouse but my issue is Everyday atleast 4 times a day my mouse stops working to the point were i have to unplug it and then it works fine until the next time it decides to just stop working.


I have the latest firmware for the CUE and the firmware i am running for the mouse is 1.06..


I have tried turning off the CUE but still happens. I am running windows 10 unfortunately as i have a Asus Z170 Deluxe MB so i have no choice with windows 10 :'(


Any help would be grateful and thank you for reading it.

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