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Corsair Vengeance 2000 warranty expired, however...


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Hi, I'd like to ask a question about my Corsair Vengeance 2000.


I bought it 2 and a half years ago, but I've just started using it some months ago (long story short: I got another headset as a gift, but I didn't expect it). The problem with the product is that its plastic has cracked on both sides, and some time after it even broke on the right side, in the same way everyone else has reported. In my opinion, I took good care of the headset, so this seems to be the exact same issue.


Obviously, from a legal standpoint, I can no longer claim my warranty, but as this seems to be a manufacturing error, I'd still like to RMA it if possible.


Can you tell me whether it is right or not to give this a go at all? I really don't want to waste anyone's time if this is an idiotic request.

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