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G Keys not working


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the CUE had a update on the 26.01.16 or something

i couldnt install it the first time something was still loaded or so cant remember but then the CUE was gone

terminated it self ?!

i downloaded the newest version from the corsair site again and installed it everything was back

since i had the profile stored on the k95 i asumed that everything was okey and working the macros from the G keys were showing up in the CUE everything was lit and had the right colors but i didnt test them until today...


the g keys do nothing [other than lighting] :/

my macros still show up in the CUE but its like they dont exist

i can remap the keys or make new macros but that doesnt help either

i even tried a new profile


feels like the software knows its a k95 but not the hardware

at least the lighting still works


reinstall the software again?


EDIT: repair funktion fixed it

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