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Corsair Vengeance 1500 - Sound Bugs


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I've had the Vengeance 1500 for a couple years now and I've been having this issue for a little less than a year.


When I'm playing the game called "Counter Strike: Global Offensive" sometimes my sound muffles (If thats the right word. It gets really loud/distorts and sounds horrible) and also sometimes the sound is reversed.


By reversed I mean if I would normally hear someone walking in front of me and I saw them infront of me I'd actually hear them behind me when they aren't and it makes things really confusing.


I've been able to restart my computer and have it fixed for a couple minutes sometimes but not always.


It does this pretty random and most days its fine but it has those off days where I just cant play games because its so frustrating.


Anyways I hope I can get help on this.


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