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MacroCommand/Win: Writing failed


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Sometimes, but not always, after my PC wakes from hibernation, macros will no longer fire. This issue persists until a full system restart. Everything else with the keyboard continues to work, including lights, automatic profile switching, and media keys.


In the logs, this message is logged whenever a macro is triggered:

MacroCommand/Win: Writing failed


I've had this issue for as long as I've been using CUE. It has persisted across: CUE reinstalls, CUE updates, device firmware updates, driver uninstallation, USB 2.0 & 3.0, and even different keyboards (had an unrelated RMA). The keyboard model is K95 RGB.



Once it has started, the issue remains even after:

-Quitting and reopening CUE

-Quitting and reopening CUE with Run As Administrator

-Unplugging and replugging KB into the same port

-Unplugging and replugging KB into a different port

-Rebooting KB by adjusting polling rate switch


At this point, I don't even care about how to stop it from occurring. I just want to know if there's any other way besides a full reboot to get macros to resume working. For example, is there some Windows process or service I could restart?

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Following up on this thread:


The latest update to CUE, Version 1.16.42, has finally fixed this issue.


CUE no longer revs up to consume a large amount of CPU on wake from hibernate, and so far, has not lost macro capability after wake once.



Sorry for never replying :) I mostly just learned to live with the issue until earlier this week, when I once again tried to google for a solution. If you now google "MacroCommand/Win: Writing failed", the only result is this, my own thread, plus some sites that rip content from these forums!


For the record (or if the issue returns later):

The OS is: Windows 7 Enterprise

The motherboard is: Lenovo 2394CY1

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Hate to be a necro, but I am having this exact same problem. I use the Sabre RGB mouse which has a dedicated macro button and I noticed when I was using CUE 2 that my macros would randomly stop working, and it was only after I switched to CUE 1(.16.42) and found the logs that I noticed what was going wrong.


Every time I try to use a macro (recorded keypresses only, no delay), an entry gets put in the log saying 'MacroCommand/Win: Writing Failed'.


Does anyone know what might be going wrong?



Win 7 Ultimate

Asus m4a-88t-m mobo

AMD Phenom II X4 955

ASUS R7 250X 2GD5


CUE is stored on my C: drive which is an SSD

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