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Toolbox Bricking Force LS SSD's


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I purchased a refurbished drive from NEWEGG, it arrived and I installed it immediately. My computer didn't immediately recognize it, but then I set up my bios properly and everything was fine.


I installed the Firmware update tool as well as the SSD Toolbox.


The Firmware Tool informed me that my device was up to date.


The Toolbox however informed me I had an available update, which I gleefully accepted.


Upon restarting my computer as requested, the drive now shows as a measely 20mb, and I cannot initialize, edit, delete, or in any way do jack all with this drive.


This is my very first SSD, and I waited this long because I was concerned about the drives failing.


The drive was working fine before the update via the SSD Toolbox.


So I recommend against using it for your Force LS series SSD's until they fix that.


To be clear, I'm very angry I wasted my time on this problem, and my money.


(I've already created a ticket. I made this post for the benefit of others.)...(Also, angry)

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