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How to Achieve This Lighting Effect?


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Hello, I have the Corsair RGB K70 Mechanical Keyboard and have been making color profiles for almost a year now. I have a good understanding of how CUE works and everything and it isn't very complicated to me anymore. I am now trying to make a new profile for Star Citizen and am trying to achieve a specific effect that would come in handy for almost any color profile. The effect I am going for is for secondary key controls. What I mean is the modifiers that are in some games where you press LCtrl + Key.


The effect I'm looking to achieve is when I press and hold the left "Ctrl" key, all the keys that contain a secondary control light up until I release left Ctrl BUT when I press those keys that contain a secondary control while NOT holding left Ctrl, not all the keys light up like when I hold left Ctrl. I hope I explained that right. Ill explain again just in case


So the majority of my lighting profile is a light bluish green. There are secondary controls that are (for example) LCtrl + A, LCtrl + B, and LCtrl + C which control different controls in game. My left control key remains yellow at all times. When I press and hold my yellow left Ctrl key, all the keys with secondary controls (A, B, & C) light up yellow as well until I release LCtrl. Next, If just press "A" while NOT holding down LCtrl anymore, keys A, B, C, and LCtrl all still light up yellow at one until release as they are all within the same group in cue with the same lighting effect. I only want these keys to light up while I'm holding down control. Then go back to normal (bluish-green color) while I am not holding LCtrl.


Please help me if you understand and may know how to achieve this effect. It would be much appreciated!


Thank you so much!

- Justin

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Can you do it by assigning the groups you want and then assigning actions to the keys with a lighting effect when the keys are pressed? I know it's a simple answer, but you could have shift, and the numbers (or what ever you want) selected as your group). Then have the shift key trigger the other keys to light up for 10 seconds (or however long you want) after the shift key is pressed. I have this on my WASD keys just for fun. Mine turn purple for a few seconds when I type or play games that use these keys.
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