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Hi there,


I have an issue too about my scimitar and keyboard binding on its buttons.

I play Rainbow 6 siege. I decided to bind my mouse buttons to some Key of my keyboard for this game.

My issue is that my mapped buttons do not behave as the keyboard key i have had assigned to. Precisely, my throw grenade binding: with my keyboard i can press and maintain it to hold my grenade in my hand and use a timing to throw it when i want it to explode.

With my mouse, the same binding, it won't work because it will throw my grenade instantly. i check/uncheck the repeat option but it does not change anything.

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Try remapping the mouse button to the grenade binding (Assignments>Right click button>Remap) and see if that works.


If you used a macro, you will have to increase the delay between the keypress but it will always be the same hold/release time.


Thank you ! I found it. I am using the FR Client and it did not seem so clear. Plus, there is an issue in FR language. Remapping still use the default US QWERTY setup so i want to bind something. I am just saying as a Feedback.

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