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1200AX ATX cable 24 pin CP-8920015


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I have a 1200 AX and I'm desperate in need for a new ATX 24 pin power cable.

The one in the title is not available in Holland.

Is the CP-8920060 compatible with the CP-8920015.

as in 1200AXI compatible with 1200AX.


the CP-8920060 is easy to get.

the CP-8920015 only in US/Canada an no shipping to Europe!


can anyone help me with this?

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strange story.

contacted several suppliers.

Alternate.nl recation is that is was compatible.

SiComputers.nl recation is that is was compatible

both of them are suppliers of Corsair. I thought they should know!


but I managed to buy the CP-8920015 in the shop.


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