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Okay so, I'll start at the keyboard wake up issue when the system is off, its been an issue that the keyboard LED turns on even if the system is off, it happens to me every now and then the only resolution for me is to turn the PSU for it to stop,


Now last saturday is different, me and my family went swimming to our nearest clubhouse and the moment we got home, and turn my system on some keys actually lit green rather than the native default profile which was white on the WASD and arrow keys and red on the rest of the keys, this persisted and tormented me up until this morning, it turned back to normal,


steps I had tried to fix these are:


1. Complete uninstall of the CUE

2. Force firmware update for the keyboard

3. Delete all my existing keyboard lighting profiles


and all of these steps are not worth th eeffort, the problem still exists..


But today, when I woke up, keys that are differently colored when using color that mixes RED are back to normal and are displaying RED LEDs again..


I will upload some pictures for references, sometimes at the process of figuring out what the heck is happening to these keys, there are moments that these keys turns mustard/orange or yellow color other than green, it also happened that these keys flickered from red to green while the lighting I set was only red..


I was hoping for other people that had encountered this issue, I called my distributor that I will be bringing my keyboard for RMA since it was only bought last year of January.


Are these signs of impending death of these LEDs? or just glitches, I hope someone at corsair can read this post.. I am bit worried for these gliching of LEDs I had a thought that these are dying LEDs.





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I find it hard to believe that these LEDs would fail - especially since when the LED is red, green should not get any power at all. The only way I can think green would get power instead of red is if there is a fw problem or some sort of short, both of which can be fixed.

Since your keyboard is under waranty though, I'd reccomend you first contact corsair support and ask for a hard fw reset. If that doesn't work, don't bother trying to fix it and RMA.

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