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Looking for new key caps for K95.


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Hi there,


Trying to do much the same thing with my Strafe RGB and found that Corsairs bottom row is non standard. The space bar is 6.5 units instead of the more common 6.25.


However try this site http://www.maxkeyboard.com/iso-layout-custom-color-cherry-mx-keycap-set-top-print-blank.html. They allow you to choose the corsair 6.5 space bar bottom row layout so ALL your keys in the set will fit.


You can specify the colour (I went for white keycaps too) and choose top, side or blank legends but so far no backlit legends. The keycaps are ABS so they should provide some glow, just not through the legends. If I recall correctly, there may also be a set of customisable G keys on the site product range too.


Hope this helps you out.





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I just orderd some G-Keys and other Keycaps for the K95. Maxkeyboard has a special pack with all 18 G-Keys for the K95, printed and blank!




Why do all the shops only sell crap keycap-motives like Smileys, Horoscopes and so on? Where is the tech- and nerd-stuff?? I don't want to pay 7$ for a custom-backlight-keycap.

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