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Moving a desktop overseas (PSU voltage)


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Hello Corsair!


I am moving to South Korea next month and I am trying to figure out a strategy for bringing my PC across the pond.


One of the kinks I am trying to work out is whether or not my CM 750 (USA) will work in South Korea.


I'd appreciate it if someone with a Corsair badge could respond.


If not that's cool. I'll just have to figure out where to pick up parts once I'm over there.

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Not a Corsair employee but, every Corsair PSU (and almost every PSU with the exception of the ones that don't have PFC at all) will work everywhere in the world.


The only thing that's different is the type of electrical socket used in South Korea, which means, you'll have to get a new power cable for the PSU unless you want to use an adapter.

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