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K70 rotated 90 degree F1 key


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I've owned a K70 RGB for over 6 months now and I've only just noticed something weird with the unit I received. Each keycap obviously has a distinctive shape which means it is clear which way they should be pushed onto the switch. The F1 keycap I have though is wrong, ever since I received the unit it has been pushed onto the switch turned 90 degrees to the left in order to align the text on the key, but if you follow the shape of the rest of the keys and push it on in that direction, the text saying f1 is turned 90 degrees to the right. I don't know if I have explained this very well, so I have taken 2 photos to show you.




This is how it came, as you can see the text is in the correct direction but the direction of the key is wrong.





This is the keycap pushed on to make the key shape direction the same as the rest of the keys, obviously the text is now wrong.



So I'm wondering if anyone else had encountered this problem, and what are my options? Will I be able to get a replacement f1 key or am I out of luck as I've already had the keyboard for over 6 months?


Thanks in advance for your help =)

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