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Corsair AX860i fan clicking


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My Corsair AX860i power supply fan has just recently started clicking... it clicks exactly every 12 seconds and every time I hear a click I see the fan jitter if I look inside


The fan still runs perfectly fine (or at least the same as it always has and I've been using it for over a year) and it doesn't go above about 50C


I have no idea what's wrong with it but it's annoying :/


Should I clean the fan off or reset it somehow or something?

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Hmm... Well I know for sure that it is the jittering of the fan that is making the clicking noise


If I look inside it just moves a teeny teeny bit and then back to its original place and it happens every 12 seconds


But the fan seems to run perfectly fine... Goes up to about 200-300 rpm at low loads and 600-800rpm at medium loads... But it only stays there for about 3 seconds then goes back to 0, but I believe that's normal


I could pull the power supply out of my case to get a good look inside but I don't know what possibly could be causing this... I don't think there's a lot of dust on the fan but I can't get a good look inside without pulling the power supply out of my case


It starts making that clicking noise right after boot when it's only about 20-25C and the fan doesn't usually start running until about 45-50C

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