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Corsair Carbide 500R 2x 120mm Mid Fan Mount?


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So I am planning my next build with the Carbide 500R and when I go to it's product page and look at the tech specs I see this:


But when I try to actually find the "Mid" fans in a video or in the pictures I can't find it. Anyone knows where it is physically located in the case? Or is there a mistake in the product page? Or (which is highly probable) am I just blind?


Thanks in advance to anyone who answers ;):

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Or maybe the "mid" fans are to be mounted to the drive cages on the internal side to help the air to get through the HDD´s. Holes are there, on product pages is clearly visible that 2 fans are mounted there.





Yes you are correct, could be very possible. I sent Corsair a mail about this, I am currently waiting for their response. Once I get it, I will post here.


Found an even clearer image:


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