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Strafe & Multi Screen Users


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Need a little feedback for those of you who have a Strafe RGB keyboard With multiple monitors (Preferably @ 2560x1440) . Please can you test the following.



Whilst using the latest version of Cue Create a test profile making sure you link profile to program.


1. Change the colour of the Keys from your default

2. On your second or third monitor (not your main display) change your screen res so its below your main screens resolution. i.e. Main screen is @ 2560x1440 and second/third @ 1920x1080.

3. Make sure you have automatic profile switching selected.

4. Launch the program associated to your test profile.


Now does the lights of your keyboard change? or behave as expected?


If No keep test profile and go back and change your monitor resolution back to your default. Now run program associated to test profile, does the profile behave as expected?


Thanks for your feedback.

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