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Corsair Strafe don't save brightness


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Hello, sorry for my bad english.


I bought a Corsair Strafe some weeks ago.


Bu i noticed a weid problem. When i shutdown my PC, the brightness return to the maximum.


But if i put my PC into suspension mode, the brightness is actually saved.


The keyboard have a built-in memory to save settings without any external software such as CUE, right ? So why this problem ? Thanks for your attention.

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Tested on my PC and it doesnt behave how you explained it. Is your lighting profile a dynamic lighting or just static? If it's just static, save it to device memory.


Hi, thanks for your reply.


I have not installed the CUE software or any other software., it's static.


I updated the firmware to 1.33 without any changes....still same problem.


When i unplug or turn off my PC, lost the settings and the brightness get back to 100% + win key lock turns On again.


How can i save the settings on the firmware ?

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