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CUE Mouse Option Request "Press and Hold"

GZR Badmojo

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Regarding the M65 mouse and the CUE software, please do 1 of the following:

1. Add the ability to bind a key in "press and hold" mode. Currently you can only have an instant press/release or repeat function.

2. Add the ability to change "delay between action repeats" to 0 ms when "action repeat" "while pressed" is selected to accomplish the above.


This would allow easier utilization of binding a mouse key to:

1. Use common VOIP software like teamspeak with the mouse.

2. Bind "cooking a grenade" key that is common in FPS games.


This is a serious oversight and without a work around I am not going to recommend the M65 mouse and will comment on this flaw in my product reviews.


Please correct this.

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Corsair Henry,


I was hoping that you would be able to suggest an alternative to accomplish the above task. Are you confirming that you can't assign "press and hold" to a keystroke with the current software?


Thanks and I appreciate the response.





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Hello, I have a fix for press and hold.


First you make a macro. Like this: http://imgur.com/ZU00Iir

You press record, then the button you want. Click stop, then rightclick on the delay and the RELEASE KEY EVENT and press remove. Also check Start on Press under macro start.


After that you make a new macro. Like this: http://imgur.com/PsV9TUk

You press record, then the button you want again. Click stop. Then rightclick on the delay and the INITIAL KEY EVENT and press remove. Also check Start on Release under macro start.


Now go back to the first macro you made. http://imgur.com/ZU00Iir

Now yoc check DOUBLE MACROS, Enable a second macro on release, and then you chose the other macro you made.


So basically what you're doing here is you make a start macro for keypress down, and since it's currently programmed to relase the second you click the button, you also create a macro for the release event, and with the double macros enabled, the keystroke registers it as both a press and release.


This works for me atleast, in teamspeak and mumble etc with Push to Talk. Hope I could help!


PS. Bind the First macro to the button you want to use as push to talk, or holding hand grenades in csgo :)

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Thanks for the suggestion. I actually have a competitor's mouse arriving via FedEX today, so I won't mess with it.


I'm sending the M65 mouse to the island of misfit peripherals. :eek:


I found that with teamspeak, that using the repeat macro with a 1ms delay that TS doesn't register the pulsing. No luck on the nades.


It is an oversight of Corsair to not have a simple function incorporated into the keystroke function. FYI, I also have the issue that others have reported with the lights turning off.

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