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gtx h100i tube problem?!!!!! help ASAP


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these pictures should explain everything.




today i just got my delivery with new SSD 500gb. new 140mm rubber fans.


i thought yes, shouldnt take too long to install these 2 fans and this one ssd into this new case i got week ago, NZXT 450 Noctis.


*Opens case, notice tubes as they are in opictures* O_O...?


yeah, had to remove my whole block from cpu, clean the paste off, then remove the radiator from top of the case, install the radiator to the front(for less tube pressure)...


took me 1hour 30min to move the radiator, reinstall those 2 fans, install that 1 ssd...i am starting to hate this 450 noctis case... its beautiful when everything is put together.... but upgrading so occasionally is a pain in the butthole.


what to do ? i purchased this in scan.co.uk

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so far i have corsair website and linustechtips forum members telling me its just a cosmetic sleeving thats coming off... not the tube itself.. so lets wait for official reply. i have applied for RMA already anyhow, as i do not want any fault in my system.
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i showed them pictures + purchase invoice straight away when i made the ticket. they said this :


"Created By: Zack TS (1/20/2016 10:40 PM)



The sleeve is for cosmetic purpose only, you don't have to worry about leaking issues. However we can still RMA the unit for you if you're still concerning about it."


so... yeah.. except i am worried they will not pay for my shipping payment which was 30 euro . :/

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update #3


received a brand new h100i ! :) yey.



was delivered with DPD half way. i had to call 4 numbers to get to drivers number. then i call driver himself, tells me "im busy, i cant deliver to you today" and then i say "how come, why?" and he answers "im busy. but you can meet me at xxxxxxxxxxxxx street il be there in 5-10min" so i had to walk across town to meet this prick to take my package, which he could deliver. but the online tracking said , "ROAD WORKS" .. lazy piece of s&%t.


anybody knows how i can report such an idiot to his company ive got his number

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