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Dominator PLatinum light bar removal


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Hi all,


total noob with dominator platinum here


I have this kit



Is it possible to remove the lightbar only without voiding the waranty?


When I bought them I miscalculated the height, and can not fit the second fan on Nh-D15 into my HAF XM on Z170 Sabertooth


I also do not like the lights.


Will it work fine without light bar and is that a warranty void issue if I remove light bar if at all possible?


Thank you

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removing the light bar will not void the warranty. Just remove the 4 screws and the aluminum bar and the plastic insert will come off.



thank you for the answer

what size is the tool, since I do not have the

upgrade kit, I just want to remove the lightbar from original

none that i have are so small

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I don't know the size for the screws. It may be best if you bring a module to the hardware store to size it.


Hi, it is apparently 1 mm imbus (don't know how it is called in English)


Unfortunately idea did not work,


First 4th dimm that I removed original light bar from dropped the heatsking, and i literally mean dropped there was no glue, no anything like on the others, when i removed the bar it just slid down to floor.

So I immediately said to my self ok this is a bad idea.


Btw should i RMA that, doesn't seem right that 3 are glued and non movable and fourth just slides around (even with bar on it) didnt notice that when purchased


Second even with bars of it still was not enough room, next time I will buy Corsair case, this latch on HAF XM is driving me nuts. Case is big enough but latch is just above and around cpu, grrrr


Anyway thank you for the answers.

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You should definitely RMA the RAM if the heatsink falls off. Keep in mind that if you purchased it as a kit, you will need to replace all 4 modules because it is a matched kit. If that is an issue, we have an express RMA that allows us to send you the memory kit first, but we will put a hold on your card fyi.
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