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M95 DPI swtiching affecting games


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Hi there,


Switching DPI in game makes turns my screens off and on taking a second or two to get back in the game.

Playing the game Squad it actually alt tab the game all together making me click on the program to get back in using DPI down or UP. With a game like H&G only DPI down makes the game Alt tab for a brief moment but it sends me right back in game.

Pretty much every games.


I've checked my buttons settings and the DPI buttons are set properly.


I have an Nvidia GTX780ti and triple screen monitors. I've tried on triple and single monitor same result.


Any idea on how to fix this? It's the worst thing ever while playing online, it's a real pain in the *****

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Yup every game. Kerbal, Arma, DayZ, planet side... You name it, it affected it. Glad that un-ticking the "on screen display" fixed it. The last update for the M95 was in 2013 so I'm not expecting miracles from corsair lol
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