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Beeping from PSU after Windows 10 Installation


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I'm not sure exactly at what point this started happening, but I know that it started around the time I finished upgrading to Windows 10. My Corsair CX750M started making a strange beeping sound. I recorded it for you guys to hear.




I've already swapped the PSU with another model and it still happens. Restarted computer. Swapped graphics cards and the beeping was a LITTLE quieter, but still audible. Disconnected sound card and HDD. Still happening. I can't see a reason that my SSD or CPU would cause this, but I don't really know what else to do at the moment. If anyone encountered an issue like this, could they give me a hand and tell me what's going on?

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Well, it's back. It's faint, but still audible from where I sit. Does anybody recognize this sound and what it could mean?

Pretty interesting. I was ready to tell you coil whine but since it isn't constant I have to admit that I have heard this only twice in my life.

1) faint beep from a hardware sensor. The beep for me was that a fan was dropping below a certain RPM/or CPU was getting too hot. It could also be the HDD dying as some older drives did make a beep when they had trouble

2) Relevant since you only changed software. I actually had a software error on startup services. I'd try rebooting into safe mode and playing around in there a bit to see if the noise resumes. If it does I would say hardware issue.. if it goes away it is a software issue in which case I would do a full wipe and reinstall.

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