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H110i GT Horrible whirring noise


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Hi, i built a new pc yesterday with a H110i GT mounted on the roof of my H440 case. However the fan(s) are making a whirring noise, not a constant hum, but kind of a pulsating sound. It gets worse at mid to high RPMs, but is always audible and very annoying


Here is a clip of what it sounds like and an image of my PC:






The top radiator isn't mounted using all screw points as it simply wouldn't fit. It's held on by 4 screws, but its still very sturdy. I've tried shifting the radiator along to get more screws in, but it doesn't seem to change the noise.




The noise is coming from the left fan on the above images. Could anyone please help with this? im completely baffled by what could be causing it

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