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Lighting issues


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I got a K95 RGB about two months ago. I had no problems for a while but then I noticed that in many cases my keyboard simply drops the configured lighting and goes back to its standard lighting (where the WASD keys are a different color from the rest). In this state CUE also doesn't detect it, although the keys themselves except for the multimedia buttons and such do work. If I reconnect the keyboard it reconnects a little slowly but then it works for a while. In most cases this happens when my PC boots up, however, I had it randomly when running, too.

I'm connected via the single "keyboard-marked" USB connector to a USB 3 port on my mobo. I've tried different ports but it doesn't help. If I connect both jacks, the "arrows-marked" connector gives me a device not found error in Windows 8.1.

What should I do to make this work? It's pretty annoying.


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I should also mention I have a pretty strange thing going on in my Device Manager:


While it's in Hungarian you can see that my Razer DeathAdder Chroma is both detected as a mouse and a keyboard (WTF) while my K95 RGB is nowhere to be seen. What could be going on? Also, what's with the 6 keyboards and 3 mice?!

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