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I have an i7 920 intel processor on a Asus P6T Deluxe motherboard with 3x2 Gb corsair dominator memory modules at 1600MHz (windows 7 ultimate). Recently I got a system crash (blue screen) and I found out that one of my memory modules does not work anymore so i removed it. Funny thing I noticed that on boot up the memory count now showed 4088 Mb and not 4096 Mb as it should (since i got left with 2x2Gb). Even in the windows task manager it shows 4088Mb, i.e 8 Mb less of what it should show!

I ran a memtest and it passed twice. I even ran 10 reps of Lin X and it passed.


I got new memory modules corsair vengeance 2x4Gb since 4Gb were not enough for me and again on boot up the memory count shows 8184Mb and not 8196Mb.


So with 2 different memory modules BIOS and windows task manager show 8Mb less!


Does anyone know why is this happening? Is it a motherboard or cpu problem?

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Try isolating the memory modules one by and and load into BIOS to see if they are being detected properly. You can also rotate a single memory through the dimm slots. This will tell you if the slots are good or not.


I checked all 4 memory modules I have (2 old and 2 new) on every memory slot on board. Each time I placed only one memory module on board and checked the BIOS. It's surprising that every time it showed 8Mb less, i.e 2040Mb instead of 2048 Mb for each of my old modules and 4088 Mb instead of 4096 Mb for each of the new ones! I stress that I checked all available memory slots and every time I got 8Mb less for every mem module.


This means it's a motherboard issue?

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