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Should I upgrade my PSU?


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Upgrading my 560 Ti to a MSI 970 gaming an upon reading some reviews I noticed that the card requires one 6 pin and one 8 pin plug as opposed to the two 6 pin plugs on my current 560 Ti.


The MSI 970 does indeed come with a 6 pin to 8 pin adapter.


As my HX520W (which I really like for it's quiet fan and no coil whine) is one of the first revisions with only two 6 pin connectors I was wondering if overall it would be wise to upgrade my HX520 not only because of my specs but also to get the correct and current cables/connectors.


The HX520 should be a quality Seasonic build with Japanese quality components though but does it still have enough headroom?


I might do som OC'ing on the CPU and GPU once I do the upgrade.


i5 4690K

Asus Z97-K


500 GB SSD


5 x 120 mm fans on fan controller


If I were to upgrade to let's say a 650/750 Corsair PSU which one would match the noise profile on my current PSU? Been looking into the CS series but also the RMi with its no-activity fan.

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Personally I recommend CX and RMx :)

AXi also good.


That's a pretty wide range of recommendations.


CX is only Bronze and does not have all Japanese capacitors like the OP's original build. And all RMi is is RMx with Link capability. And AXi is good... VERY good... but it comes at a price premium that we can't be certain someone coming from an 8 year old PSU is willing to spend. :D:

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Jup, the same...


Was kinda surprised as I've seen a lot of people have coil whine on their 970. But mine is with out a doubt coming from the PSU as I'm running it outside the case at the moment.


Funny though as the 970 apparently uses less power than my old 560. I guess it's taxing the PSU differently.

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All PSUs create a harmonic frequency. And different loads make this frequency change. 99% of the time, this frequency is outside of human hearing, but it can sometimes drop out of that range and can become audible.
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