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H60 with 4790k Suddenly Hot


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Build is as follows:


Intel i7 4790k 4 GHz

asrock z97 anniversary

Corsair h60 liquid cooler

Evga 650 GQ 650watt PSU

Evga gtx 970 gpu


Just finished gutting my old build from 2009 and replaced the mobo, CPU, GPU and PSU. Upon starting it yesterday morning I was getting idle temps of 27-32C, and at load while playing GTA v and arma 3 on max getting a max temp of 52c. At the end of the day, however, CPU began idling around 67-73c, and even the slightest task makes it jump to 98-99c, which scares me to turn it on for more than a second.


So far I've removed the h60 pump, replaced the paste, and reattached. No improvement. I then updated mobo bios, with no improvement. Then I switched the pins from the 3 pin CPU_2 set (radiator fan is on the 4 pin CPU_1 next to it) to the PWR_FAN 3 pin, which I read may give pump a constant charge with no throttling. No improvement. All other fans, including the radiator fan, are running fine, and the radiator fan responds to the heat and cranks up rpm. I used a 3 pin to molex converter to put pump directly to psu, with no improvement.


i moved radiator fan to a case fan slot, and plugged pump into both 4 pin cpu_1 and 3 pin cpu_2, and bios shows N/A for fan speeds on both cpu slots. When the radiator fan was on cpu_1 it showed rpm.


Any ideas on what may have changed throughout the day to make it do this? I turned it on this morning to see if it just needed a rest, and even booting to bios I watched the temp climb and climb up to 67c idle. The NA in bios for speed seems like a good lead, as ive read that it should read, and read at 4000 rpm? i just have no idea how to fix that.


Thank you for your help, I really appreciate it. I don't wanna nuke my first build in 6 years!


The h60 worked fine on my old computer up until the day i rebuilt. 3.2 ghz amd phenom xii black quad core, had pump on cpu_1 (only pins it could reach) and rad fan on cha_fan slot. Nothing over 58c.

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The slowly rising temperature with the fans blasting usually suggests a flow problem, either pump failure or some kind of blockage. As you mentioned, since the board no longer recognizes the pump in the BIOS, that would be another indicator it is a pump failure. Can't tell you why it picked that moment to let go --- power surge, bad pin contact, who knows. Either way I am afraid you will need to replace it.
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