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Data recovery on Сorsair cssd-f120gbgt-bk


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Good afternoon! I want to ask you a very important and serious question for me:

There is an SSD storage device Сorsair cssd-f120gbgt-bk based on controller SandForce SF-2281VB1-SDC. There was a power failure and the storage device stopped to be defined by the operation system, and any other devices. There are several variants: firmware failure (crash) or the controller itself crashed. But it is not the important thing.. the most important is that it contains the information of the whole company which is very important for everybody. To what extent is it possible to restore the data it contains? In Moscow a couple of leading companies couldn't recover it.. Because any process of recovery is connected with the loss of the data of the device, which is IMPOSSIBLE in our case! We need to restore the data on it without loss please tell me is it possible? If it is, I can send it to any country by DHL. The detailed photos of chips are attached below. If I don't resolve the problem I will be dismissed of fined. Please HELP!











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