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Corsair CX500 fan noise if PSU is facing down


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Hello, lately my PSU fan has been making some noise. While it is facing down it takes like 5 hours of being running to start making noise, but if it starts the only way it will stop is if I shutdown the pc, take the PSU out and rotate it facing up, and then put it back facing down, that will give it ~5 more hours, the other thing i can do is with something small and the psu disconnected push it through the cage and apply a really small force in the middle of the fan, that will give it some more hours as well. My question is, is there any fix that i can make? I could try to use it facing up, but in my case i don't know if it will overheat since my case has a special compartment for the psu and drives.



I have two intake fans in the front, one wich gives some air to that compartment, could I flip the PSU without the risk of it overheating?

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You can most certainly flip the fan. There's no orientation to a PSU. Just whatever works best.


That said, the fan shouldn't make noise when pointing down. Give the hub of the fan a good push to make sure it hasn't disengaged from the spindle. If that doesn't work, you might want to consider an RMA replacement.

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